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Managing GitHub Repository Access
Managing GitHub Repository Access

Can't find or access a GitHub repository? How GitHub admins can add or remove access to code repositories

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GitHub Apps provide administrators fine grained access controls to what repositories can be access by Apps like Behave Pro. While access to all repositories can be granted it is recommend for security reasons that access permission should be limited to the individual repositories where is requires. This advice often produces situations where a newly created repository can not be accessed from Behave Pro and the GitHub administrator will need to grant access to it.

Accessing the Behave Pro GitHub App

To access the Behave Pro app management on GitHub you have two options. The first is to navigate to the ‘Installed GitHub Apps’ page in the Organisation settings in GitHub, the second is to access it via a quick link in Behave Pro.

If you navigate to the Configure page for Behave Pro in Jira, you will see a list of authenticated installations with a cog to the right of each organisation name:

Clicking on the cog for an organisation will take you directly to the configure page for that organisations Behave Pro installation:

Configuring repository access

Once you have the configure page up you will be able to see a ‘Repository access’ section:

It is in this section where you have the option to add in new repositories by clicking on the ‘Select repositories’ drop down and selecting a new repository, deleting a repository by clicking on the X icon and giving access to all repositories. Once you have finished updating access, simply click on ‘Save’ to store your changes. Once saved you will receive a message confirming your changes:

With the repository access updated you can close this window and navigate to a Jira project settings to confirm your new list of repositories.

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