This guide assumes that you or your Jira administrator have installed the Behave Pro app in GitHub and have authorised the connect of Behave Pro to GitHub. If you haven’t, you can follow the steps of this guide to install and authorise Behave Pro (Note: Link to other guide)

Rollback warning

Once you have removed Behave Pro’s access to GitHub, any repository that is currently configured to access a repository will be reset and you or the project administrator will be required to go into the project settings and re-configure the project to use the legacy approach to store features files. This will also mean that any features files that exist in the GitHub repository will NOT be saved in Behave Pro during roll back.

Remove Behave Pro app

The first step to take is to remove the Behave Pro app from your GitHub organisation. This is done via the configure page for your Behave Pro app in GitHub. We can access the configure page via a quick link in Behave Pro.

If you navigate to the Configure page for Behave Pro in Jira, you will see a list of authenticated installations with a cog to the right of each organisation name:

Authenticated installations

Clicking on the cog for an organisation will take you directly to the configure page for that organisations Behave Pro installation:

Configure Behave Pro

Scrolling to the bottom of the configure page you will find a section that is responsible for removing the Behave Pro app:

Uninstall Behave Pro

To uninstall, click on the ‘Uninstall’ button and confirm the uninstallation in the pop-up. You will then receive a confirmation that the uninstallation has been completed:

Confirm deletion

Remove Behave Pro access

Next, we need to remove the authentication details that were saved to your GitHub account when Behave Pro authorised with GitHub. To do this we start by navigating to our account settings NOT the organisation settings:

Profile page

From there we select ‘Applications’ and click on ‘Authorised GitHub Apps’ which should show you access details for Behave Pro:

Authorised apps

To remove the access for Behave Pro, click on the ‘Revoke’ button for Behave Pro and confirm the removal in the popup.

Once the access has been removed and the Behave Pro app has been uninstalled, you can confirm the deletion back in the Behave Pro configure page in Jira:

Confirm deletion in configure

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