Is Gitflow Supported?

How to configure Behave Pro for the Gitflow branching strategy

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Gitflow is a fairly popular branching strategy for teams using git and is closely related to feature branching. It is typically used by teams who ship software to customers in versioned releases rather than hosting and deploying themselves.

In feature branching there is one main branch, typically master, and feature branch is created from the latest commit from the main branch and merged back into the main branch when work is completed. 

Gitflow differs from feature branching because there are two important branches: master and develop. In Gitflow a feature branch is created from and merged back into the develop branch instead of master. When the team wants to release they merge the develop branch into master.

Configuring Behave Pro

The Jira projects administrator is required to configure Behave Pro and the configuration process can be started by selecting Behave Pro from the lefthand project settings menu. 

This will open either the setup process or the current Behave Pro configuration for the project.

Select Git instead of classic

After selecting your organization and git repository, choose feature branching under Branching Strategy

Select the develop branch from the Branch field and enter a directory path if required before clicking finish.

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