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Migrating Classic Behave Pro Project to Git Integration
Migrating Classic Behave Pro Project to Git Integration

Migrate your classic Behave Pro project in Jira to the new git integration workflow.

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First, navigate to your Jira project settings and click on the "Behave Pro" link on the left navigation menu. Your will be shown the Behave Pro settings as shown in the screenshot below. To migrate your existing classic workflow, click on the "Connect" button in the "Git Connector" section.

Next, you will be shown the migration page. Please read carefully the information on this page.

It is recommended that you will backup your existing existing data. Simply click on the "Download zip file" button that will download a zip file consisting of all of the feature files within your Jira project.

Next, click the "Disable and connect" button at the bottom. This will disable your Behave Pro for your current Jira project and redirects you to a configuration page. Please follow the Connecting Bitbucket to a Jira project documentation to complete the set-up.

Once you have completed the set-up, you can now git push the features into your git repository. The pushed features will be automatically recognised by the Behave Pro and shown on the specifications page in your Jira instance.

Note: Make sure you will git push your features to the correct git branch that you have chosen during the set-up.

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