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Enable Feature File Synchronization on Git Push in GitLab
Enable Feature File Synchronization on Git Push in GitLab

Enable the git post receive hook in GitLab in order to update the feature files in Jira when anyone pushes a commit to your repository.

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Note: GitLab integration is only available in Behave Pro version 2.1.0 and later!

When anyone creates, updates, or deletes a feature or a scenario within your Jira project, the changes are pushed to your GitLab project. To enable receiving changes from the GitLab (when someone pushes a commit to your repository with feature changes) you will need to add a webhook with a secret token generated by Behave Pro.

This step is done during the project setup flow (see Connecting GitLab repository to a Jira project). If you have skipped the step, or want to recreate the webhook, follow the instructions below.

First, navigate to your Jira project settings page and select "Behave Pro" from the left navigation menu.

Next, select the [Configure] button in the "Git Connection" section. You will be shown the git settings you have chosen during the project setup, including the webhook specific settings that are located at the bottom.

Copy the webhook URL and the secret token.

Next, to your GitLab repository and from the left navigation menu, select "Settings" and click "Webhooks". Do not use "Integrations" as they have been deprecated in the newer versions of GitLab.

Add a new webhook and paste in the copied URL and secret token you have copied from the Behave Pro settings page. Make sure you check the "Push events" trigger.

That's all. Now if you push your commit to this repository, the Behave Pro for Jira will pick up the changes and updates any features if there were any changes.

Note! This works only if you have pushed the changes to the branch that is being used by the Behave Pro (the branch you have chosen during the project setup-up). If you are using branching workflow, this post receive hook will also work on those branches created when adding a scenario to a Jira issue.

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