Browse Feature Synchronization Errors

Browse and see exact reason why some of your features were rejected during git synchronization (during git push)

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When you push any changes to your git repository, Behave Pro will pick it up and will update the specifications page and the acceptance criteria on your Jira issues/tasks.

If you have accidentally pushed a commit to your connected repository that contains a feature file with syntax errors, the file will be ignored during synchronization. Only syntactically valid feature files will be processed.

You can browse all of the synchronization errors in your project. Simply navigate to your Jira project settings page and select "Sync Errors" from the left side navigation menu. The link is located next to the "Behave Pro" link.

On the new page, you will see all of the synchronization errors as shown below:

The errors are grouped per commit and are ordered from the latest to the oldest. You can dismiss the error by clicking on the [Dismiss] button located in the right top corner.

In the screenshot above, the Gherkin (the language used by feature files) parser found a keyword "examples" but the scenario is not marked as "Scenario Outline", which caused it to fail.

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