When a project is connected to Git repository and you receive errors when trying to create or edit features and scenarios, then data might be out of sync between the Git repository, Jira and Behave Pro. This typically happens when a branch is rebased in Git or a commit is forced pushed to a branch.

To fix these types of issues a 'resync' between the Git repository, Jira and Behave Pro can be triggered, and this will need to be done by someone who has Project Admin privileges for the Jira Project.

The Project Admin needs to go to Project Settings and select Behave Pro from the lefthand navigation.

This will open the Behave Pro settings for the Jira project. Within the Git Connector section select the Configure button to open the setting page for the repository and open the meatball icon in the top right and select Resync.

The data synchronization should only take a few minutes to run and you can start using Behave Pro again.

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