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Pricing - BDD Insights for Bamboo
Pricing - BDD Insights for Bamboo

How licensing works for new and existing customers of BDD Insights for Bamboo.

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Pricing details for commercial licenses of BDD Insights for Bamboo are available on the  Atlassian Marketplace. There are two exemptions to purchasing a commercial license:

  1. Customers of Behave Pro for Jira are eligible for free licenses if they contact the technical support team

  2. Existing users of the original free "Cucumber reports for Bamboo" plugin are being grandfathered with a free license using this promo code

Hang on, wasn’t this plugin free?

We wrote "Cucumber reports for Bamboo" 4 years ago and made it available on the Atlassian Marketplace free of charge. That version is now long in the tooth and had issues with its long-term health.

We've completely rewritten the add-on, changed the name and have taken the decision to charge for the new version, but why?

  • Our commercial customers always talk about the level of support we provide. We wanted to offer the same level of support and expert BDD knowledge for the users of this add-on

  • We can now dedicate team members to the active development of this add-on and always keeping it up to date with the latest Bamboo versions

  • With this completely new version, we have rewritten the add-on from scratch, avoiding the past issues while enabling many future enhancements including, support for SpecFlow and Behat, statistical analysis, embedding screenshots, report publishing, and graphing historical trends

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