Is Robot Framework Supported?

Behave Pro works with tools that are compatible with the Gherkin format made popular by Cucumber and SpecFlow.

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Behave Pro's integration with Test Automation tools works with any Gherkin based tools. This includes Cucumber, Cucumber-JVM, Cucumber-JS, SpecFlow, Behat, and Behave.

The Robot Framework has its own file format that isn't compatible with the Gherkin Feature file format used by Cucumber, even if you follow the Given When Then pattern in your Robot Script files.

It is possible to create a toolchain in python that converts Gherkin features files into Robot Scripts. This isn't a commonly used approach and some effort would be needed in the initial project setup and is something we can't offer advice on. If you did set up the appropriate toolchain to do the conversion then the following limitations would apply when using Behave Pro:

  • Robot Framework test results can not be published back into Behave Pro to create Living Documentation

  • Tags generated by Behave Pro on scenarios will not be converted into the Robot scripts

  • Any changes to the Robot Script will not be converted back into the Feature file format and be synced back to Jira.

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