If you are seeing the error "Can not deserialize instance of java.io.File out of START_ARRAY token" then you need to upload the report as a raw file and not as a JSON request.

If you are using curl, follow this example:

curl -L -X PUT https://jira.example.com/rest/behavepro/1.0/bdd 
--data-binary @cucumber.json

If you are using Windows and do not have access to curl but have access to Powershell, you can send the request as shown below:

Invoke-WebRequest https://jira.example.com/rest/behavepro/1.0/bdd ` 
-Method PUT
-Headers @{'X-COMMIT-ID'='your_commit_id';'X-API-KEY'='your_api_key'} -Infile cucumber.json

If you are using any other tool to upload your report, try un-setting the "Content-Type" header in your request, or setting the header to value of "application/octet-stream".

To learn more about Publishing Cucumber Test results to Jira please read this article.

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