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Creating Your First Scenario
Creating Your First Scenario

A look at adding and creating Scenarios on Jira issues. This is a key and frequent task for Product Owners, Developers and Software testers

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In a feature-branching strategy project, features are based on the feature files found within the directory on the base branch which was specified during the setup of the project. When adding a feature to the acceptance criteria it will check this area of the repository or look within the current user story for recommendations of features. This means that a user story may have multiple features that relate to it.

In trunk-based development or a Classic project, the features drop-down menu in the acceptance criteria can be added in multiple ways. They can be manually added through the requirements page as part of your living documentation or once they have been added in the acceptance criteria they will now appear in the requirements page. In trunk-based development it will also look within the feature file directory for features in-case one is created from outside of Behave Pro.

Git Projects

During the initial configuration for Behave Pro you will specifiy the base branch and the feature file directory. Behave Pro will be retrieve feature files from the location specified, it will also create and write the feature files to here in a trunk-based development project. In feature branching, it will create a branch on git for any story that has acceptance criteria, in this branch feature files will be created as necessary to cover the acceptance criteria. These feature files will need to be merged back into the base branch to be read by Behave Pro.

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