1 - Is the commit SHA being uploaded the most relevant and latest one for your branch?

Test results are based on the Git commits so the SHA provided needs to be the latest that is represented in Git/Behave Pro.

This is usually achieved by incorporating the results upload stage into your CI pipeline; although if you are testing manually we would recommend make sure you send the latest commit SHA with your HTTP request.

If you are using feature branching, the Issue will have its own feature branch, the commit being represented by the issue will be different than that shown on the requirements page (the base branch). This means that for the test reports to be shown on the user story you will need to upload a report for the head SHA of the branch the issue represents.

2 - Is the correct JSON file being uploaded?

Different test automation tools can generate different test results, please make sure you have a valid JSON file and have the correct uri field , your reports won't be visible for you if you are missing or have wrong the URI property in your JSON report. This needs to match the path that is also represented in the Git repository, for example:

"uri": "Features/FeatureFileName.feature"

This is how Behave Pro is able to create a link between the Feature data and test reports.

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