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Reinstalling Behave Pro From Jira
Reinstalling Behave Pro From Jira

Resetting configuration on initial setup of Behave Pro

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When you install Behave Pro you will need to select some options to begin; an example of this is choosing the directory your feature files are pushed to. You may need to change these settings, this guide will demonstrate how to disconnect or reconnect Behave Pro from your Jira project to achieve this.


First, from any screen within your Jira project you will want to move into the Project Settings section at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel; in this example I am doing this from my board.

This will change your navigation panel to all of the specific settings of your project; at the bottom of this section you will find any apps that you currently have installed, as a result your navigation panel may be longer than shown in the image below. Near the bottom of this list find the option, "Behave Pro" which will take you to the configuration settings for Behave Pro.

WARNING: Before commencing this step, if you want to retain any data from the app such as your Acceptance Criteria, ensure that they are saved externally or are in your git repository as all of this information will be lost within Jira.

In the top right of the Behave Pro page is a toggleable widget which lets you disable Behave Pro on this specific project, note that this will not effect any other projects. After this, confirm that you understand that all data held within Jira will be removed (Your repositories data will not be effected).


After this has been done, you can simply switch the same toggle button in the top-right corner back to on, this will then take you back through the initial configuration for Behave Pro again. If you are reinstalling for the purpose of changing your Feature File directory then you will find it on the page that looks as the image below; this page appears after you have configured your repository.


If you have changed your feature file directory you will need to manually move your feature files into the directory within your repository; that you told Behave Pro to look for them. After this Behave Pro will automatically find your feature files and you will again see the acceptance criteria option in Jira as well as any filled in scenarios that you had previously.

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