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Requirements Page Is Read-Only
Requirements Page Is Read-Only

When requirements is read-only and when its editable

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When using a git-connected project with a feature-branching strategy you will notice that your requirements page is in read-only mode. This is because it acquires the features to display from the feature files in your feature file directory, on your base branch.

The acceptance criteria shown in these features can be changed by editing them within the attached Jira issue. This will update the feature file that Behave Pro produces and will be pushed to the Jira issue's feature branch, it will have the format of:


e.g. BPRO-1-create-feature-file

This branch can then be merged into the master branch to be viewable within the requirements page.

The requirements page can be edited directly in a Classic project configuration or alternatively by using a trunk-based branching strategy with Git.

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