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Adding a Git Organisation

Adding git organisations for git connected projects in cloud and server

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If you are trying to create a git connected project with Behave Pro you will first need to connect your git organisation. To do this go to the manage apps section of the Atlassian Marketplace.

From here you will see the on the left-hand navigation panel the options for Behave Pro of which you want to Configure. Here you will find three buttons for the three seperate git providers that we currently support, each of which will take you to a login screen, all of which will be shown below.


If you are logged into GitHub on your browser, it will first ask you which account you would like to install the Behave Pro app onto. Select the account that has access to the repository.

You will then be asked if you want Behave Pro to be able to access every repository or just a single one, this will come to personal preference.


Similar to GitHub, if you are logged into Bitbucket in your browser then it will suggest to authorise for that account, simply ensure it's the correct account and grant access.


You'll need to start by setting up an OAuth application in your GitLab instance, this is done through the User Settings in GitLab > Applications section. You can call the application whatever you choose but Behave Pro would be the easiest to identify. Jira will supply you the Redirect URL, ensure that you tick the api scope. See the two images below for guidance.

After creating your OAuth application, it will provide you the Application ID and the Secret, you will need these to complete the setup within Jira.

In Jira, give a name for your GitLab instance to help you identify the connection. If you are using GitLab cloud your base URL will be, "" if you are using your own instance the base URL will differ. The Application ID and Secret can be found in the application that you created within your GitLab settings.

After this you will have now created the connection with your GitLab instance and should be able to complete the set up of Behave Pro for your Jira project.


In Jira Server, in the top-right corner on the drop-down menu from the cog you will find the manage apps section; this like cloud assumed that Behave Pro has been installed.

From here, you will find the Getting Started section of Behave Pro. On the page that will appear upon being clicked you will see the connect options for Bitbucket and Gitlab. GitHub is currently not supported on Jira Server.


Please look at our in-depth guide for Bitbucket for Server here.


Please look at our in-depth guide for GitLab for Server here.

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