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Branches and Acceptance Criteria

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With a feature-branching project in Behave Pro, if a Jira issue has acceptance criteria then Behave Pro will create a branch in your git repository for this issue. Within this branch feature files will be created in the directory specified during setup. The format for the branches created by Behave Pro is shown below:





Changing the issue name will not effect Behave Pro and it will continue to commit changes to the original branch for that issue.

Changing the branch name will cause Behave Pro to look for a branch with its current ID and name. If it does not find this, it will create a new branch with this current information.

If you are trying to have Behave Pro use an existing branch, simply rename the branch to follow this format. If you are also trying to attach Acceptance Criteria to the Jira issue look below for guidance.

Acceptance Criteria

When Behave Pro creates acceptance criteria each individual criteria will be given a tag with the Jira issue ID which will look as shown below.

This is how Behave Pro will read the acceptance crtieria for displaying within Behave Pro, ensure that if you are attaching external crtieria that they have these tags so they know where to be applied. It's worth noting that they can be attached to multiple Jira issues.

Features Not In Requirements Page

If features are missing from your requirements page please ensure that the feature files are within the main/base branch and directory that was selected during the setup of Behave Pro. Although issues are populated through their individual branches the requirements page is only populated through the main branch.

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