Can You Merge Multiple Test Reports?

Uploading multiple test reports and merging within the requirements page

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Multiple test reports can be uploaded with the same commit ID; however if these have different test results for a feature, the latter report will overwrite the previous. If you are attempting to this, you will need to ensure your test reports do not contain any test result for other features, this can be done by ignoring a feature when tests are run. To see how to ignore features and scenarios see below.

Cucumber - This can be done via specifying tags to be ignored during testing. You can find details on how to do this here, under the, "Ignoring a subset of scenarios" section.

SpecFlow - This can be done by adding a, @ignore tag to feature or scenarios that you do not want to be tested.

Behave - Features can be ignored by using the, --exclude option when running tests.

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