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Linking User Stories & Defects

Configure an automatic Issue Link between defects found within a test session and it's parent issue or requirement

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When using Session Based Testing in Behave Pro, it is possible to rapidly discover and report defects during a session. Reported defects are not linked to the parent issue by default, however, Behave Pro provides the functionality to configure the default issue link type to enable this.

To get started with this, select Project settings from the sidebar on the left of your project and select Behave Pro from the settings sidebar.

Then click to Configure button on the Defect Traceability section to access settings relating to Behave Pro's SBT tool.

From the session-based testing configuration page, you can select a default defect link type that Behaves Pro will use to link the defect back to its parent. If there is no item selected, all future reported defects will have no link to their parent issue.

Clicking the reset button will remove the default link type, and disable defect linking all together. You have now configured defect link types!

Here is an example of a defect reported during a session. Clicking on the defect link, in this case, MB-2, you will be directed to the user story issue view.

 Afterwards, the Issue links section will appear underneath the Attachments section which will display the type of link to its parent.

You can create your own issue link type by following the Jira docs - Configuring issue linking.

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