Hindsight Software is the first and only BDD tool vendor within the Atlassian Marketplace to have passed Atlassian's Cloud Security program. We can't 100% guarantee that your data will not be compromised but participation in the security programme demonstrates our commitment to good security practices.

What is Atlassian's Cloud Security program?

Security is an important concern to any Cloud customer, and something Atlassian have taken very seriously. But how do you deal with security when you have 3rd party vendors producing add-ons for your Cloud products? How do you know the vendor implements good security practices?

The Cloud Security Program is a collaboration between Atlassian and add-on vendors to increase security awareness and improve security practices. The goal is to increase customer confidence in add-ons and provide them with the necessary information to perform security evaluations. The current program involves an annual security self-assessment that Atlassian reviews and approves.  The approved application expires after one year and vendors must re-apply with updated information each year.  During approval, Atlassian works with the vendor to pin-point vulnerabilities and identify improvements. 

See the full security programme

How do you know if an Add-on or Vendor is compliant?

Every add-on listing on the Atlassian Marketplace has a "Security and privacy" section on the right-hand side. 

Any Addon/Vendor complying with the Cloud Security program will have a blue tick next to the "Cloud security compliant section"

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