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How To Install the Behave Pro Git Connector Into GitHub
How To Install the Behave Pro Git Connector Into GitHub

Behave Pro Git connectors allows feature and scenarios to be automatically published and synchronised with your Github repository.

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This article outlines how you can connect the Behave Pro Git connector to your GitHub organisation. Once you have completed this step, Behave Pro will be able to access the permitted repositories within the GitHub organisation.

This also enables communication to and from Jira - a user with Jira Administration privileges and permissions to install apps within GitHub will need to complete this step.

To begin, open the settings menu on the right-hand side of the top navigation bar and select Apps. This will open the App management for Jira.

Find the Behave Pro section on the left-hand navigation and select Getting started. Once you see the setup page for Behave Pro, click on the GitHub connect button.

GitHub will ask which organisation you want to install Behave Pro to. Select the one you wish to use from the list, if you'd like to use Behave Pro for more than one organisation then you will need to repeat these steps for each one.

Once you have selected the organisation, you'll then need to select the repositories that Behave Pro will be able to access.

You can give access to All Repositories or you can select the Only select repositories option and choose particular ones from the list

You can always change the repository access in the future, please read this article to learn more about GitHub repository access.

Once you click on Install & Authorize, Behave Pro has been successfully installed into GitHub. You will be automatically returned to Jira and be given a choice of projects to select for configuring Behave Pro into.

If you are the project administrator you can select your project or leave the next section to be completed by the project administrator.

Please read this article to learn more about connecting a GitHub repository to a Jira project.

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