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Welcome to Behave Pro for Jira
Welcome to Behave Pro for Jira

How Behave Pro works, what it can do for your development team and how to get started

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What is Behave Pro?

Behave Pro is an app for Jira to enable agile teams to successfully use Cucumber or SpecFlow for agile testing and requirements management. It allows team following BDD to clearly specify User Stories in Jira, publish them to a git repository to create executable specifications with Cucumber or SpecFlow, and publishing test results for reports and Living Documentation.

What can I do with Behave Pro?

  • Capture BDD examples directly on User Stories within Jira: Using the friendly editor designed for users of any experience level, BDD scenarios can be added to Jira Issues and be validated to ensure they can be used as valid acceptance tests with Cucumber or SpecFlow.

  • Defect prevention for on-time and within budget delivery: Agile testing strategies focus on defect prevention rather than just testing for defects. This shifts the tests teams involvement left to the user story conversation stage. This "Shift lift" prevents many bugs from occurring and shortens development time.

  • Fully integrated with the team's git repository: BDD scenarios captured in Jira can be automatically published to Git repositories ready for development and any changes made within the repository will be automatically synchronized back into Jira. A single source of truth for the requirements, versioned alongside the code without the product owner having to learn git.

  • Cucumber and SpecFlow for automated acceptance testing: Generated features files use the Given When Then "Gherkin" format meaning you can automate acceptance testing with Cucumber or SpecFlow and publish the test results back to Jira.

  • Publish "always right" living documentation: As user stories are "Done" the powerful BDD examples are not lost, they are grouped together to create Living Documentation of the application or system that shows if the functionality is currently working or not. As this is all automatically updated and generated, no more out of documentation ever again.

All this functionality and more is available on all three hosting options for Jira; Cloud, Server and Data Center

Who uses Behave Pro?

  • Product Owners/Managers who want to clearly specify user stories to avoid delays from unnecessary rework and wants to work with the team using BDD without having to learn git or source control concepts.

  • Developers looking for clear unambiguous requirements before they start writing code, easy access to acceptance tests within the teams git repository ready for development to begin with a clear definition of when it's finished.

  • Software testers who want a streamlined way of reporting test results from testing activities, Cucumber, or Specflow following agile testing principles without the bloat of traditional test management tools

  • Support teams who need "always right" live documentation of how the application or systems works.

  • Compliance or audit teams that want to trace test activities and results back to their originating requirements.

What sets Behave Pro apart?

Unlike most BDD tools Behave Pro's isn't based on a test management tool, this has allowed Behave Pro to focus on the original Agile, BDD, Agile testing concepts of cross-team collaboration and defect prevention rather than just on test reporting.

This means Behave Pro is designed for the whole agile team and not just the test team, and has a particular focus on being user friendly to product owners and product managers. This focus makes Behave Pro a 2-in-1 App replacing both requirements management and legacy test management apps within Jira.

Is Behave Pro for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, join us for a live demo with a BDD expert, and evaluate if BDD and Behave Pro is right for your business.

Where do I get started?

If you are already a customer or are trying an evaluation, the guides below will help getting you along your journey.

  1. If you are trying to get Behave Pro activated within your project and understand the configuration options, click here.

  2. If you are trying to create your first BDD scenarios, click here.

  3. If you are trying to export your feature files either manually or through your Git repository, click here.

  4. If you are trying to publish test results to create living documentation in Behave Pro, click here.

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